Monday, August 2, 2010

Familiar With Poverty? I was!

I was sitting in church last Saturday, and the Lord began to speak to me about my finances. He told me to claim and hold on to what He has promised and given me.

He said "Don't be so quick to be broke. You have become familiar with the spirit of lack and don't know what the spirit of plenty feels like. Introduce yourself to Me in this area and walk in it. Walk upright in Me. I've called you to be a Blessing."

This has caused me to change my lifestyle in spending. I am unfamiliarizing myself with low bank account balances and familiarizing myself with accounts that can bless His people as He sees fit!



Unknown said...

God bless you my dear sister. Always remembering you in prayer. You are truly a blessed women of God. My joy for you always have florist . Still your biggest fan Pastor, V. Sunshine

Unknown said...

Hallelujah Sister!!You know I know you've felt what lack feels like and Praise God No Lack Only Provision!!!