Monday, February 11, 2013

Stronghold are fortresses constructed in our mind from which we can be ruled or controlled inappropriately.
Strongholds are negative, destructive thought patterns tattooed on the mind, by way of experience, teachings, habits, etc.  If allowed to develop, they can imprison a person for life!
satan and his demons are master designers when it comes to strongholds.  They're the premier architests, builders, contractors, and realtors all in one.  As the father of lies, satan's method is to use DECEPTION.  he takes the thoughts and feelings we received into our subconscious, infuses the information with his interpretations and skillfully forms them into belief systems.  In other words...he tatoos them in our minds.
Whew! (Help Us Jesus To See Truth - Not Facts)
What happens to us (the facts and events) is not really what creates a stronghold, what we believe about what happens to us creates a stronghold.
Your perception must remain Christ-like, NOT "Fact-like".  Seeing through His eyes about every situation will completely free you.  Only holding on to the thoughts that are pure, honest and of GOOD Report.  Only through these thoughts will God be allowed to minister to you.  A God-centered mind is important.  Bring all thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ and
WATCH HIM... Change things for you!!!
(excerpts from "Becoming Who You Are" by Dutch Sheets.  POWERFUL BOOK!)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Quiet Confidence

Can I do that???!!!
Can I have confidence and be quiet?
Or can I be quiet with confidence?
Isaiah 30:15 says..."Only in returning to Me and Waiting for Me will you be saved.  In Quietness and Confidence is your strength".  Then my devotional said "Understanding will fail you, while Trust will keep you close" 

Hallelujah!!!  I hear You Jesus!
I will learn to be Quiet (Humble) and
Confident (Trusting) knowing that all the while,
I'm Drawing Nearer to You.
What a God, What a God, What A Loving God We Serve.
Jesus...I LOVE YOU!