Saturday, March 14, 2009

Angels! Now Who Is satan...Really?

Why do we lessen the importance of angels when Lucifer himself is one, an angel? We put sooooo much emphasis on him and demonic forces and their ability on earth, but give no power to God's angels and their ability with the power of God Almighty and His sovereignty who directly directs them! We put God's angels on clouds with harps and fat little faces with nothing to do, when we give the entire principality of earth and it's heavenlies to satan (an angel) and his imps / demons (sub servant angels). Here again, we give more to the bad and none to the good. As the bad child always gets the attention, when the good child lays in the cracks and gets what they can politely. No More for me... I know the benefits of my God! God's angels are awesome and powerful, they withstood the test of Lucifer, who took only 1/3 of the weak ones, and they chose not to fall but remain with the Creator. They remain in the presence of the Almighty and have the ability and strength to carry through any assignment! No longer will I fret this wicked angel I have given so much power and attention to in my life. I will release my faith and destiny to my God. I will trust His ability to carry out my life's assignment, with the use of His most powerful and faithful Angels!!! God's angels know how to stand satan's (Lucifer's) test...They've Done It Before! They still have their God-given assignments, Lucifer is the one who was fired! Go Angels of God... Gooo!!! I See You At Work!!!

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